Nevada BigHorn's Unlimited


Mission Statement

To protect and enhance Nevada’s wildlife resources for sportsmen, outdoor and wildlife enthusiasts, and future generations.  NBU volunteers do this through the reintroduction of big game, habitat conservation and improvement, public education and participation, biological and scientific research, and the influence of public policy.

Core Values
Our guiding principles are:

•Integrity—trust, honesty, ethics, responsibility, respect
•Dedication—commitment, diligence, hard work, service, hands-on volunteerism
•Results—quality, production, accomplishment, resolve, resourcefulness, focus
•Culture—community, family, humor, adventure
•collaboration—cohesiveness, visibility, influence
NBU's mission is to promote and enhance increasing populations of wildlife in Nevada, to fund programs for wildlife movement and habitat improvements, and to protect the heritage of sportsmen and hunters. The organization is led by a rotating group of 18 volunteer Board Members dedicated to making a difference in Nevada’s natural habitat. The membership is made of primarily hunters, who are also conservationists, outdoorsmen and wildlife lovers of all ages. NBU-Reno is striving to protect wildlife, habitat, and hunting rights with game reintroduction programs, conservation activities, education, scientific research, legislative action, cooperation with other organization and honest hands-on labor. Since its beginning, NBU-Reno has grown into one of the most successful and respected, action-oriented non-profit organizations in the nation with a growing membership base of well over 3500. NBU-Reno is an organization concerned with the conservation and management of not only Bighorn Sheep, but all of Nevada’s wildlife.

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