Hunt Killers

The Right Gear For Your Hunt

If your gear is streamline, comfortable and durable, you'll hunt longer, be more successful and enjoy your time more.  I've been designing gear for over 25 years, gear that has outlasted the competition by years.  It is important to me that when you purchase any Crooked Horn product you will notice the difference in quality before stepping foot in the field,and that you are equally impressed with it's performance on your return.

Don't Let Your Gear Be a Hunt Killer

Crooked Horn gear is designed to eliminate the fatigue and frustration you face on hunts.  Check out the videos below on Crooked Horn Smart Gear Solutions.


My rifle is constantly sliding off my shoulder. It's frustrating and dangerous! Get A Gun Commander

I hate wearing my binoculars…They are a Pain in the Neck! Let the Bino System Help

It's hard to Stalk Quietly and am constantly getting busted!Slip on Safari Sneakers and become the predator

My pack isn't quiet, comfortable or waterproof.  Get a Crooked Horn Packs, you can't wear them out

I can't get to my Rangefinder easily when I need it.  The RF Hookup keeps it available to use all the time

Carrying my bow all day is killing my arm.  The Bowhook and Sling gives you the relief needed from heavy bows

How do I keep my binoculars clean and dry.  Spudz hangs right on your binoclars to use anytime

My Ammo Rattles in my pockets alerting all the animals.  The Ammo Pouch holds 10 rounds... quietly

I hate sitting in snow and cactus.  Kick back and enjoy the outdoors with the Hunter Seat Pad... a true butt saver

The Bino Shield keeps my optics clean, dry and protected in the field

My Spotting Scope is difficult to transport.  Try the Spotting Scope Case

Don't get busted!.  Test the wind directions with Quick Detect Wind Gauge


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