Gun Commander

Stop clutching your rifle sling all day. When worn properly, Crooked Horn Gun Commander will keep you hands-free to maneuver rough terrain. The Gun Commander gives you peace of mind knowing your rifle is secure to your body and readily available

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Your Hunt Just Got Easier!


GO HANDS FREE! We all slip and fall... Scopes get damaged and accidents happen.  The Gun Commander will hold your rifle securely at your side so that if you take a tumble or slide down a hill your hands will be free to help stabilize you. No need to hang on to your rifle anymore.  The Gun Commander gives you peace of mind knowing your rifle is secure to your body and readily available.  When worn properly this system will keep you hands-free to maneuver rough terrain...

  • The weight of your rifle stock naturally points your barrel in an unsafe direction.  The unique 2-part system keeps your barrel in an upright position, not pointing at your partner.
  • Safest way to carry your rifle in the field. 
  • Many hunting packs are set up to carry the rifle on the back of the pack, keeping the hands free. However, in grizzly country or with higher predator populations now a days, a totally inaccessible rifle may not be the best idea.
  • Adjusts Up To Any  2” Belt




Attaching Sling Manager To Your Backpack Shoulder Strap
Simply wrap sling manager around your pack shoulder strap and it will cinch down tight and stay in place.  Depending on the thickness of your sling you will want to shape the bendable hook to fit your sling perfectly.



Adjusting the Security Strap on the Stock Holster
Try on with your rifle and check to see if the security strap needs adjustment.  Place your stock into Stock Holster making sure trigger guard is in proper position     (Illustration 2).  Pull on strap located under snap closure (Illustration 3).  Once adjusted you won’t have to readjust in the field, you will be able to release easily with the bungee loop and hook system.





Attaching Stock Holster To Your Backpack Hip Strap
Wrap your Stock Holster around your backpack hip strap and snap close.  The wrap will adjust up to any 2” belt.  The “C” retainer should be facing towards your back.  Pull tab affixed on elastic bungee and pull over hook to keep weapon locked in place.



  • To keep rifle balanced and upright make sure that stock and trigger guard sit in holster as shown in Illustration 3.  This may take some adjusting of your sling for a comfortable fit.
  • Be sure your pack has a sternum strap or the Gun Commander will not work properly.
  • When hunting in extreme terrain, unbuckle your sternum strap, place sling underneath and rebuckle for a third point of contact.
  • The Stock Holster can be worn without a pack and the Sling Manager.  Simply attach to your regular belt and slide more behind your hips and adjust your sling so you have a tight tension
  • Gun Commander will not work properly on short people with a long rifle.  If this is the case do not use the Gun Commander, give us a call to discuss options.





Never have a loaded round in the chamber while carrying your rifle sling on your shoulder.  It only takes seconds to chamber a round once your target is in sight

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The Gun Commander should adjust to any pack, but if you find it doesn’t work on yours, give us a call.  We have the perfect packs for any hunt.  Made in America and proven more waterproof and tougher than any other pack.


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